All services at Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani hospitals are rendered totally free of cost for the patients and free lodging and food is provided for the families.


The first of the three hospitals was inaugurated in November 2012 and to date has performed over 6000 surgeries and catheter interventions.

It's out-patient department includes four specialised clinics for arrythmias, pulmonary hypertension, cardiomyopathies and fetal echo.


This hospital started its operations in November 2016 whereby over 3000 surgeries and catheter interventions have been conducted.

The hospitals offer pediatric cardiac care with results that are comparable to the world's best hospitals.

Each month the three hospitals among them conduct around 200 surgeries and 100 catheter interventions catering to approximately 8% of all registered children with CHD in India.

The Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospitals aim to address the burden of Congenital Heart Diseases through a comprehensive approach.

Curative care

Preventive care

Comprehensive medical screening

Antenatal services

Iron, Folic acid, Calcium tablets and protein supplements

Info & awareness to pregnant mothers about health & hygiene

OBGYN services

Mother support groups


Comprehensive medical screening

Referral to Sai Sanjeevani or other specialty institution for treatment

Health and Hygiene workshops

Supplement + drug distributions


In order to face the deficit of trained medical professionals, the hospitals run the following programmes:

Academic Nursing Programme (Atal Nagar)

Fellowships for Medical Professionals (Atal Nagar & Palwal)

Training in Pediatric Cardiac Skills (Kharghar, Navi Mumbai)

Pediatric Cardiac Perfusion Clerkship Program


Inaugurated on 7th June 2018 by Sri Manohar Lal Khattar, Chief Minister of Haryana, the Centre aims at unravelling the possible causes of CHD through Advanced Human Genomic Research and is set to be the Largest Biobank in the country for CHD.

The Centre will also have strategic tie up with National & International Institutes of repute to do collaborative work on finding causes and solutions to address the issue of Congenital Heart Disease

Sri Sathya Sai Health and Education Trust

Sri Sathya Sai Health and Education Trust established in May 1970, is a Public Charitable Trust, under Section 12 A of the Income Tax Act, 1961. It has set up and run Health Care Institutions wherein services to all, irrespective of colour, class, religion, nation or financial status, are provided Totally Free of Cost. The Institutions are recognised by both the Central and State Governments as National Institutions of Public Service

Through the Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, it commenced its services in Whitefield in rural Karnataka, serving over 2 million outpatients and conducting over 20,000 surgeries in all general specialities from over 1000 villages.

In 2012, the Trust took up the task of addressing the heavy burden of Congenital Heart Diseases in India and has set up to date three Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani hospitals which are dedicated centres for pediatric cardiac care

So How Does It Work?

Around 10% of the costs are funded by the government. The remaining funds come from private as well as corporate donations from India and abroad. The average cost for the entire treatment of a child with all expenses covered from lodging and food to medications and treatment is approximately 1,300 Euros

What keeps the cost low?

Voluntary work

Outsourcing blood bank, radio-diagnosis and non-routine lab tests

Multi-skilled manpower

High surgical volume (3-5 surgeries/day/hospital)

How is your money spent?

We currently have no administration costs as all members work voluntarily and therefore, apart from the costs incurred by the bank for transactions, your donation goes directly to the hospitals!

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